What makes you notorious?

Everyone wants to be known for something. There is a level of comfort in knowing what defines us, whether good or bad. In Notorious, Doug Garasic unpacks that God-given desire to be known and gives insight into God's perfect plan – a plan that will stretch us out of our comfort zones, but, if we choose to live it out, will make us notorious.

Through hilarious stories and biblical application, will take you on a journey through Luke 15 to the heart of the gospel, the good news about why Jesus came to this earth and what he expects from us – and it’s not what you might think. When Jesus was faced with an audience of both the worst sinners and the most religious people of that day, what did he choose to tell them? What is he saying to us today? It’s time to stop worrying about our reputations and focusing on our own comfort. It’s time to get back to the gospel Jesus intended.

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  • I believe Notorious has the power to change so many lives and inspire the church to reach even greater heights.

    Pastor Matthew Barnett, The Dream Center
  • Doug Garasic is funny & a solid young leader worth learning from... You will love reading this book. I'm a big fan of authenticity, and he definitely aced it in Notorious.

    Rick Bezet, New Life Church & ARC
  • The always unconventional and out of the box Doug Garasic has now, through his book Notorious, given the framework for everyone who would dare to embrace the radical message of the gospel.

    Bishop Michael S. Pitts, Cornerstone Church

About the Author

Douglas J. Garasic planted and serves as the vision pastor of The Movement, a vibrant, growing, multi-site church around Youngstown, Ohio.

Although Notorious is the first book he has authored, Doug is a gifted communicator who motivates and inspires audiences across the country with his humor and passion. Doug is also the founder of Neo Academy, a school that trains, equips, and releases students in ministry. He and his wife Stephanie have three children, Parker, Ian, and Gryff (their 100-lb puppy).

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